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My sets:
   Vaso's Fantasy
   Vaso's Dreamland
This is me. My name is Martin Vasicek and I study Informatic at MFFUK in Slovakia.I play Magic since Fallen Empires.
I'm trying to become a judge...but without success.
Most of the time I play Magic with my girlfriend Sona.
My favorite colors are Black and Green and I never liked White.
My favorite expansion is Tempest.
My most favorite card is Rhox.
My favorite card art is Volrath's Stronghold.
My favorite flavor text is on Fodder Cannon.
My favorite character is Volrath. (I'm so sad that he's dead, but I still believe that he somehow made it and is still alive...)
My least favorite card artist is Rebecca Guay.
My favorite card artists are Ron Spencer, Anson Maddocks, rk post and DiTerlizzi.